The Aviary in Cannizaro Park is the Gothic style building which appears in front of  you as you enter the park, just past the fountain. It was built in 1976 in a Gothic style and was until recently the only remaining aviary of its type in London. The Friends of Cannizaro Park took over care of the birds after 2008. Until this summer, there were rescue birds in the Aviary, who would not have survived outside as they had been bred in captivity over many generations. Among them were Java Sparrows, Canaries, Diamond Finches, Budgies, Quails and Diamond Doves. All the birds have been loyally fed and watered daily by our team of avian Volunteers and given donations of fruit and vegetables from visitors too. In 2018, we were able to install a heating system, thanks to a generous donation and the work of dedicated volunteers.

Unfortunately, in May 2022, the fabric of the building had again degraded to such an extent that for welfare reasons, we had to relocate the birds to a safe and specialist environment. The Friends of Cannizaro Park are now undertaking a 12 month review and public consultation, with a decision expected on the future of the Aviary in Summer 2023.  In the meantime, the birds are carefully rehoused in a specialist aviary locally.