We are often asked if it is possible to commemorate a loved one by donating a bench to Cannizaro Park. If this is something that could be of interest, the information below may help.

  • Decisions about installing new benches in Cannizaro Park are taken by the park’s owner, Merton Council
  • Merton’s parks partner, idverde, handle applications and supply and install new benches
  • There are currently over 60 benches in the park, and Merton Council feel that is sufficient, hence they are not currently accepting new applications
  • The Friends of Cannizaro Park have no role in the decision-making or application process.

From time to time we identify benches that have deteriorated beyond their useful life. When we do, we inform idverde and the benches are removed. Occasionally, a Friends’ park improvement project can result in a new location for a bench. In these instances, it may be possible for a bench to be installed when an application to Merton is made.  

If you would like us to inform you when an existing bench has been removed or when a new bench might be installed as part of a Friends renovation project, please contact the Friends’ Secretary at [email protected]. We will keep your details so we can contact you should we become aware of a bench installation is possible, but we are not involved in any way with bench decisions or installation.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to have a commemorative bench in Cannizaro Park, we hope you might also help the Friends with a generous donation to help us maintain and restore this beautiful setting for you and others to enjoy.

To indicate how much difference a donation could make to our small charity, if three bench donors each gave £1,000 to the Friends, it would be enough to fund one medium-sized park renovation project each year (such as replanting the border opposite the pond).