1. Introduction

  1. The Friends of Cannizaro Park (the Charity) is a registered charity run for the following purpose:
    The Friends of Cannizaro Park was founded in 1997 and works with Merton Council to protect this 300-year-old Grade II listed garden. The activities of the Friends include a volunteer group to undertake garden maintenance; funding and fund-raising for planting and restoration; providing information
    on the park; organising guided walks for the public; caring for Aviary birds.
  2. The Charity is based at:
    Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon, London SW19 4UE
    Charity Number: 1160982
  3. The Charity has adopted this safeguarding children policy and expects every adult working or helping at THE FRIENDS OF CANNIZARO PARK to support and comply with it. Consequently, this policy shall apply to all volunteers or anyone working on behalf of Charity.

2. Purpose of the Policy

  1. This policy is intended to protect children and young people who receive any service from us, including those who are the children of adults who may receive services from us.
  2. The Charity believes that no child or young person should experience abuse or harm and is committed to the protection of children and young people. This policy is intended to provide guidance and overarching principles to those who represent us as volunteers or staff to guide our approach to child protection and safeguarding.
  3. The Charity will give equal priority to keeping all children and young people safe regardless of their age, disability, or gender, including reassignment, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

3. Scope of Volunteering by Children

Volunteers who are under the age of 18 cannot participate in volunteering activities unless: i) the work to be undertaken does not involve equipment requiring skilled operation: ii) the individual has been trained in the tasks to be performed, iii) the individual is supervised at all times by a nominated responsible adult who is their
parent or guardian or the individual has been given written consent to volunteer unsupervised by their parent or guardian (e.g., DofE student volunteers), and iv) if 16 or over, they may join our volunteering gardening activities unaccompanied by their parent or guardian with the written consent by their parent or guardian.

4. Safeguarding Children at Events and Activities

No volunteer should ever be alone with an unaccompanied child. Children under 18 must always be supervised by their nominated adult, who must be their parent or guardian. If 16 or over, they may join our group walks unaccompanied with the written consent of their parent or guardian.

5. Photography

Photographs are routinely taken at our events, and we reserve the right to publish any suitable photographs of those attending.

6. The Volunteering Relationship

We expect that volunteering with the Friends will be a mutually positive and rewarding experience, and we are delighted that many of our volunteers continue to help for many years. If an issue arises, we expect it can be resolved through discussion, but we reserve the right to ask a volunteer to stop volunteering if we consider that necessary.

7. Reporting

The Charity will take any allegation of impropriety very seriously by any person. If you have any concerns, please contact the Health & Safety Officer, Anne Peacock, at [email protected]